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Are you a CTI coach who I can take through Certification – accelerating your learning, and growing your business at the same time?

Do you want to work with high performing, high paying clients?

Do you want to leave your full time job and coach full time?

Do you want to become a successful corporate coach?

Do you want to build your business and make more money?

Are you looking for a new coach who brings energy, efficiency, and motivation to your own life and practice?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re in the right place.  Contact me for further information or to arrange a no obligation 30 minute chat @

About me

About me

Formerly a Producer and Director for the BBC’s world renowned Documentary Department, I come from a high pressure corporate background where ideas, leadership, delivery and resilience are key.  I was a master at doing, achieving, and had had a great career, making fascinating programmes.

My coaching ‘journey’ started after having my daughter Amelie, a disastrous return to work, and a protracted maternity leave.  I had always been fascinated by people and their motivations, that’s why I’d done the work I had, and I initially looked into training to be a psychotherapist.  But after a chance encounter with another former BBC Producer-turned-coach and months of research into training schools (bleak), I finally found CTI.

I had found a coaching model that addressed the whole of me and other people – the extremely undeveloped Co (Being) part of me, as well as the rather over-developed Active (doing part) of me – and so many of the people I knew.  And it’s this dual coaching action that makes the Co-Active model so much deeper and more effective than others.

I’d also (unbeknown to me at the time!) found a profession that would dramatically change my life, and have me fully living out my Life Purpose: to show people there is a different way to live, that they do have a choice.

Who I work with

Because of my own experiences, I love working with other Co-Active Coaches – to deepen their learning, build their businesses, and walk their talk.  I believe the more successful Co-Active coaches out there in the world the better – and it’s who we are being as well as what we are doing that will make the difference – both to us and our clients.

I work with CTI Coaches who want to master the art of Co-Active Coaching, coaches who take what they do seriously, and who want to build successful profitable businesses.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), ICF
  • Member, ICF
  • Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach Training
  • Advanced Neuroscience Coach Training
  • Leadership Embodiment Training
  • Relationship Agility, CTI
  • Graduate, CTI  Leadership Programme

Background, Training and Credentials

  • Corporate Business Developer UK & Europe, CTI
  • London Ambassador, CTI
  • UK Local Groups Leader, CTI
  • Trustee, Spark Inside – a pioneering organisation providing coaching to young people leaving prison
  • Postgraduate Diploma,  Broadcast Journalism
  • HND Media Production & Business Studies

For more information or to arrange a conversation to discuss further, contact me at



Whether you are going through Certification or building your practice, with me you will get:

  • A tailor  made combined coaching and mentoring programme – designed between us to give you maximum results.
  • Safety – we will create and build a relationship of trust within which you feel safe, held, and seen.
  • Structure – an organised way of working together – with the use of discovery forms and coaching prep forms to ensure you get the most out of each session – and the entire process.
  • Co-Activity – we fill focus on the BEING and the DOING.
  • Accountability – a very important part of the coaching process which can often get lost in the process. I will be calling you forth to be the best you can be.
  • A deepening of your learning – we can do specific coaching sessions based on parts of the model or where you especially want to focus. You will not only gain personal awareness, but also improve your skills as a coach.·
  • Expansion of your learning – I also bring other techniques which work well alongside the CTI model.
  • Mentoring – designed around what works for you, I will also share my knowledge, structures and tools for the following:

* clarifying your niche* efficient business methods and structures* getting more clients

* how to get high paying, high performing clients

* how to become a successful corporate coach

* winning sample session tips and structure


You will receive mentoring from me as part of my coaching programme.

However, if you simply want some ad hoc mentoring sessions, or a longer term pure mentoring programme, you can get information, structures, and tools, on the following:

* clarifying your niche
* efficient business methods
* getting high paying, high performing private  clients
* marketing
* winning sample sessions
* pricing
* becoming a successful corporate coach

For further information or to arrange a free no obligation consultation, contact me @

The Process


Trudy Wright, Coach & Consultant

When I met Sue I was about to start Certification and at the same time was approaching a massive career transition. I had a lot of conflicting feelings, I was leaving an organisation I’d been with for 21 years, and looking back I was almost burnt-out. On top of all of that, as the income generator for my family, I needed to make my new career a success as quickly as possible.

Through working with Sue I have absolutely made a success of my new freelance career as a coach and consultant, and also spend much more time with my family.  My new career in coaching has really stretched me – and the coaching with Sue has really supported me in this process.  I have learnt to better manage my responses to challenging situations, I have a much stronger vision of how I want to show up in my life, and feel more focused on what’s important to me.

Sue has been an excellent coach for me. She’s been a great guide, teacher, champion and supporter.  She created exactly the right balance between supporting and championing me, and challenging me (in a good way!).  I’ve learnt so much through experiencing her style of coaching, and always walk away more alive, more focused and with some great insights.   At the same time I reconnect to my calm, confident, powerful self.  Perfect Co-Active Coaching!

Nancy Wilde, Executive Coach CPCC, ACC

Coaching with Sue is like meeting a challenging and supportive friend.

Before coaching with Sue I was just embarking on certification – feeling less confident about my coaching, unclear as to my coaching business and myself in that world. Just feeling quite ‘green’.

Working with Sue has helped me grow and learn as a Co-Active coach enormously – Sue has demonstrated and explained all of the CTI principles with clarity and transparency. She has helped me understand my saboteurs, my life purpose which was still unclear even after core curriculum, and connect me to my strengths. She has helped me with clients to serve them best.

I also got very helpful mentoring from Sue on:
Accountability – making use of the Coaching Prep Form has really helped my coaching, the structure of it, the processing for the client
Process coaching – staying, staying, staying in the body
Taking care of the foundations of my partner relationship through this process – easy to forget when busy yet vital to staying happy throughout this
That corporate can take time and better to just coach in the meantime

Structured chemistry session information / timelining / ORSC training / client charges structures / marketing
Sue is an incredibly supportive, challenging and honest coach. Her sessions are always fun and at the same time enlightening. She is knowledgeable, professional and an excellent ambassador for the profession. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and feel incredibly lucky to have had her to share my journey.

Sue is worth every penny – she is informative, brilliant, supportive, extremely knowledgeable about CTI, holds you accountable to your goals, will help you develop your business such that you will reap the benefits financially.

Nancy Wilde, Executive Coach CPCC, ACC

Henrietta Szovati, CPCC

Coaching with Sue is like a train ride – I know where I am going, I can set the pace, and I can even whistle! (out of joy and pleasure!)

Before  coaching with Sue everything was hazy, clouded and low key- both in my personal and professional life. I had vague ideas about my strengths and skills but not really harnessed them.
I also had a relatively low self-esteem, that held me in prison to build up my corporate coaching practice and dreaming of a full or part time corporate job.
Coaching with Sue really sharpened my own understanding of what I want and how I want it.  Sue has helped me identify my core skills, qualities and essence.

She also held me and challenged me tremendously to get courageous and sign up for Leadership. Sue gave me ample space, clarity and openness to create my plans for each year (as we worked through nearly 2 years together) and her direction was always spacious enough for me to dream.

She demonstrates an incredible rigour in using the Co-Active model without failure. Her sharpness, creativity and raw power is poignant. I learnt how to be gutsy in my coaching which I am using very comfortably now in my own practice.

I learnt from her how to use presence and voice as powerful coaching tool in particular, amongst many other tools.

The most helpful mentoring advice I got from Sue was with regards to going for meetings for corporate jobs – I have also conducted 3 powerful workshops for the Ministry of Justice staff AND  increased my clients by 70% and raised my fees twice while working with Sue.  I have also learnt about structure, holding the client’s agenda 100%, and being totally gutsy.

Sue herself  is gutsy, playful, creative and disciplined.  If you’re a Co-Active coach but concerned about money – do not think about it. She is your best bet!


Mary Ormrod, Executive Coach CPCC

When I started working with Sue I had just completed Core Curriculum  and was embarking on certification.  I was quite nervous about the programme, and was also worried about having to network to attract clients since networking doesn’t come naturally to me.

I have now completed certification with Sue’s support.  I’ve increased the number of clients I have in a way that is authentic for me and I’m also pursuing my other goals.  I still find time to smell the roses (literally!).

Sue has helped me lean into the “being” part of Co-active which has allowed me to give myself permission just to “be”.  This is important for my clients, as it ensures I dance in this moment.  I’ve also worked with many of the approaches Sue has used with me!  This is very useful as I’ve already experienced myself what I’m coaching, thus my range has expanded.

Sue gave me a very useful Sample Session template, which I’ve used with great success.
Sue helped me to create the right environment to increase the number of clients I have whilst remaining true to myself.  Sue also helped me to establish a programme for corporate clients which I’m currently using.

Sue is open, creative, flexible, warm, inviting, allowing, and challenging.  Even when I think I haven’t done enough Sue points out what I have, in fact, achieved.  She is non-judgemental which allows me space to experiment  but still challenges me to do things I find uncomfortable.

Sue is very flexible in her coaching – dancing in the moment.  Recently, seeing that I was not responding too well to her challenge regarding cold calling, she quickly and sensitively changed her approach which gave me permission to be who I am and led to valuable insights for me.  I have now attracted 2 new clients.

Coaching with Sue is like Becoming myself.  As My Self, I can take actions that lead me towards an authentic and fulfilling life.  It’s also fun!

Mary Ormrod, Executive Coach CPCC

Sonia Calvo, Life Coach, CPCC

When I started working with Sue I was about to start Certification and had a sense of uncertainty, not liking change – I felt out of my depth with what was going on in life.

Through working with Sue I now feel more confident when things are uncertain, I don’t let them get to me so much.   I can now let go of emotions or not let those emotions take over so much. I can now accept certain thoughts, that emotions are temporary, and that I am at choice as to how I handle them.

The mentoring advice I got from Sue enabled me to see that I can use all of the Co-Active tools in corporations! I have an outline of what my next 3 years looks like for my business, I have grounded where I was going, and gained focus as well as clarity in how I want it to look as well as what I need to do now, to reach it.

I have an understanding of who I want to support and what impact I want to have. Sue gave me pointers in who to reach out to, who were my preferred clients, and narrowed it down for me.

Through coaching with Sue I have belief in myself – that I am a good Co-Active coach with lots to offer. The impact for my business has been that I have let go and rethought where my future really lies – I already had a niche but felt able to let go of it and explore new ones – ones that resonated much more.

Sue is very intuitive and resourceful.  Sue’s no nonsense approach and belief in my abilities has helped me cut through the fog and I now know I can do it.

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